365 Managers Can Have Cyber Security Threat Info At Their Fingertips

How Varonis Is Solving the Problem of Insider Threats to Business Cyber Security: Part 1

There are many organizations that assume that hackers and viruses are to blame for most cyber breaches,but the reality is that your own employees, whether accidentally or maliciously, are actually the most common cause of a security breach.


Varonis aims to end that threat. With their support for Office 365, Varonis provides IT admins and managers visibility into who has access to critical information, and how to monitor that data to protect it from insider threats.

We recently sat down with David Gibson, VP of Strategy and Market Development at Varonis, to discuss DatAdvantage for Office 365, DatAlert, and their Data Classification Framework to understand how they help organizations internally secure their data.

Want to know How Varonis addresses the problem of insider threats?

With Varonis, managers and IT admins can be confident that their data is properly secured and managed, regardless of where it resides. “DatAdvantage and DatAlert profile every employee and how they use data,” explained David. “We learn who your administrators are, who your service accounts are, and then we use behavior analytics to detect deviations from baselines.”

This allows organizations to quickly spot small deviations and potentially stop larger issues from occurring. David pointed out a few examples:

“If you start accessing a large amount of data that’s associated with past jobs; [for example], if you normally access some patient records, but one day start to access a larger number, these are all things that we’ve built into what we call ‘threat models’ to detect insider threats.”

With DatAdvantage, organizations have critical information at their fingertips about any data resource, including who have the ability to access it and what level of access that person has – across all resources. DatAdvantage gives customers a “clearer picture of who can access data, who actually is accessing the data at any given time as well as the ability to lock down important data as needed,” according to David.

A simple example of how DatAdvantage and DatAlert can mitigate internal threats

While Office 365 is an easy-to-use and highly-versatile cloud-based platform, some customers still may not have the level of visibility that they would like. However, DatAdvantage fills this need for a transparent, highly-detailed way to monitor and manage who has access to your company’s most critical information.

“If you wanted to see which SharePoint Online sites does this person have access to and what level of access do they have, or which OneDrive folders they can access … or which mailboxes do they have rights to access? All of these questions are not easy to answer without a third-party solution like DatAdvantage for Office 365,” according to David.

With DatAdvantage, you’ll have the proper permissions visibility for SharePoint Online, Microsoft Exchange Online, OneDrive, and Active Directory for Azure, which should offer the needed level of data management, security, and access to ensure your information remains safe in the cloud.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our discussion with David Gibson from Varonis

In our next interview, we’ll discuss with David why security isn’t just an issue for IT managers anymore – it goes all the way up to the boardroom.  We also dig a bit deeper into how DatAdvantage and DatAlert help deal with ransomware, container security, and overall data governance configuration and management within your organization.

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