The 5 Hidden Gems of Veeam


Discover the surprising offerings for availability and free options

Champion Solutions Group sat down with Doug Hazelman, the VP of Product Strategy at Veeam, to uncover what we are calling the 5 hidden gems of Veeam that customers may not know about. As the company’s Chief Evangelist, he is responsible for getting the word out about new technologies and all they can do for keeping enterprise customers up and running consistently. Doug unearthed a few of the hidden gems that make Veeam such a great availability partner for growing organizations, with a focus on virtual machine (VM) solutions.

If you’re not familiar with Veeam, they offer a variety of disaster recovery, backup, and virtualization-management software tools for Hyper-V and VMWare environments. The company primarily focuses on solutions that help to reduce downtime, ensure system availability, and increase virtual workload resistance.

The hidden gems offered by Veeam that you may not know about
Veeam offers a host of products for enterprises, but we asked Doug to highlight items that some customers may not be aware of. Here are his top picks:

1.    Veeam Quick Migration
With Veeam Quick Migration, enterprise users can quickly migrate one or more of their VMs between hosts and datastores, without disruption to business operations.

“Quick Migration uses vMotion, Quick Migrate or our backup and replication technology to move a VM from one host and datastore to another host and datastore with a limited amount of downtime,” explained Doug.

2.    Disaster Recovery as a Service
With Veeam Cloud Connect, Veeam Cloud and Provider Partners have the ability to offer Disaster Recovery as a Service and Backup as a Service toVeeam customers. This capability allows customers to ensure that their data is always protected and easily recovered. Veeam Cloud Connect is very easy for customers to setup once they’ve chosen a service provider like Champion.

There is a free 6-month trial available for Cloud Connect that Champion can assist you with.

3.    Veeam ONE
Veeam ONE is a monitoring, planning, and reporting tool for the Veeam backup infrastructure and the virtual infrastructure that is part of the Veeam Availability Suite. According to Doug, “Sometimes people will buy the Availability Suite and install Backup & Replication, but never actually get around to installing Veeam ONE.”

They may be missing out – one of the most underutilized aspects of Veeam ONE is its ability to perform a readiness assessment prior to using Veeam Backup & Replication. This ensures that you have a sufficient infrastructure to start backing up virtual machines. And best of all, this capability is one of many items that can be tested out for free. There are many more benefits to Veeam ONE such as capacity planning, alerting and detailed reporting.

4.    More free tools
The backup readiness assessment is just one component of the Veeam ONE Free edition, which allows users to get a wide-ranging snapshot of their environment to ensure its ability to fully utilize the power of the company’s products. While its reporting functionality is not as robust as the paid version, Veeam ONE Free edition still offers analysis capabilities that are critical when building a backup and recovery strategy for your VMs.

The Veeam Backup FREE edition is another resource that allows customers to perform full VM backups, as well as backup and restore enterprise applications on a test basis. This is an extremely powerful feature for customers looking to assess the company’s products before a larger commitment.

There’s also Veeam Agent for Linux and Veeam Endpoint Backup Free, which make backing up and recovering Linux or Windows cloud instances extremely easy and efficient. These free tools are specifically designed to ensure the availability of Linux and Windows servers, whether they’re hosted in the cloud or on premises.

Another hidden gem that customers may not know about is Veeam’s support for enterprise applications like SharePoint, Exchange, and SQL Server. For some companies, application-specific backups and restorations are complicated and cumbersome. “We do an image level backup,” explained Doug. “We back the VM up and then if it’s running Exchange, you can restore Exchange items. If it’s running SQL, you can restore SQL items, and so on. You don’t have to do anything special in order to be able to use these recovery capabilities.”

5.    Veeam Task Manager
One of the common complaints from admins is that it’s difficult, especially in the Hyper-V environment, to get a true sense of a virtual machine’s performance from the native task manager. According to Doug, Veeam Task Manager “shows you the true metrics of what’s going on in terms of the VM host by pulling in all the pertinent data. If you look at a standard Windows task manager on a Hyper-V host, all it’s doing is looking at the Hyper-V partition. If you use our task manager for Hyper-V, then it shows everything that’s going on – and it’s another one of our free tools.”

Contact Champion Solutions Group to learn more about Veeam’s suite of offerings
Regardless of the type of virtual machine solutions that you’re running, Veeam is in the business of ensuring their seamless availability. For more information on the products mentioned in this blog or to discuss any other data requirements for your enterprise, reach out to the Champion Solutions Group today at 800-771-7000.


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