6 Tips to Secure your End Users and Endpoints

 End Users and Endpoints
Employees clicking on the wrong email still accounts for many of the enterprise breaches today, and it is rapidly getting worse. The FBI, secret service and the anti-virus vendors are all warning us that the success of cyber criminals and the payoffs by companies continue to rise. These criminals can now subscribe to Ransomware-as-a-Service accounts to plant new strains on nasty Ransomware and hold companies hostage. By gaining access to a company and remaining quiet, they are leveraging these Ransomware-as-a-Service platforms to insert Ransomware and get payoffs from their hostages. Estimates by officials predict that every end user will get bombarded by 20x the phishing attacks over last year. Preparation is key!

6 Tips to Secure your End Users and Endpoints

  1. Companies have to acquire a good email security solution. You must consider an email security gateway to identify potential viruses before an email is delivered to a mailbox. Examples are IRONSCALES, Proofpoint, and others – most have a good email security gateway solutions.
  2. Companies must implement good patching hygiene. Seems like every few weeks a new emergency zero-day patch has to be implemented due to an issue with an endpoint OS that creates an opening for cyber criminals. Hospitals, government agencies, schools and financial institutions are high on the list of targets. Are your endpoints patched frequently and consistently, and how do you handle emergency patches? Champion offers Managed Patch Services to help alleviate the headaches of patching. We also offer Microsoft SCCM/Intune or BigFix solutions if you need enterprise patching solutions for workstations, laptops, iOS, tablets, smart phones as well as Windows, Linus, AIX servers.
  3. Companies must implement EPP/Endpoint Protection (Includes next-generation anti-virus and EDR/Endpoint Detection and Response solutions). The old signature-based solutions DO NOT WORK against cyber criminals today! They need a cloud-based solution that utilizes predictive and AI technology. The administrative overhead to managed possible incidents continue to be more time consumptive, so not many companies can afford dedicated teams to manage their EPP solutions. Blackberry Cylance, CrowdStrike, TrendMicro, etc. all have managed service offerings and deploy their latest versions as a SaaS (cloud) offering. Champion offers special promotions to help move away from the signature-based tool onto a next next-gen solution to protect your end-users.
  4. Multi-factor authentication is now a mandate with almost all auditors. It’s sad to comprehend, but a new trend is paying an employee to sell their User ID/password credentials to get a cyber criminal inside and access to enterprise applications and data. However, it really doesn’t matter how the cyber criminal gets the user credentials. A 2-factor or multi-factor process provides an obstacle that is effective. If you have remote employees or customer facing websites/applications, then this solution is necessary. Champion has helped many clients with Microsoft identity management, along with Okta and Idaptive (All are in Gartner’s leaders quadrant).
  5. All data on endpoints need to be backed up every day. If a company does get Ransomware, then the only remedy many times is a complete restore of data that has been backed up. Therefore, processes have to be put in place to backup critical data in a near real-time process. OneDrive is the choice for many Microsoft users, but there are lots of good choices. Mac and Linux endpoints also have services for those specific Operating Systems. However, many companies fail to back up end user emails and collaboration applications, like Teams.
  6. Security Awareness Training. There’s no doubt that educating your employees about phishing techniques does help reduce the malware incidents. However, new techniques are thrown at users every single day! Champion is partnered with top vendors such as KnowBe4 and Proofpoint/Wombat.

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