Champion / MessageOps Poll Reveals Nearly 58% in Process of Moving to Windows 10

Recent Windows 10 webinar survey shows more than half are in progress of moving, while 15% of respondents have not yet moved to Windows 10

Windows 10

Champion Solutions Group held a Windows 10 webinar in March of 2017, revealing that 61% of respondents had not yet moved to Windows 10. 33% planned to move to Windows 10 in 3-6 months, 29% planned to move to in 6-12 months, and 26% planned to move in 12-18 months.

Fast forward six months to October of 2017, Champion / MessageOps held another Windows 10 webinar and this time 15% of respondents indicated that they have not yet moved to Windows 10. The time indicated to make the move was closely split between 3-6 months, 6-12 months, and 12+ months. 58% shared that they are currently in the process of moving to Windows 10. Comparing the two surveys, there significantly less companies now that still have not moved and are more companies in the process of migrating.

The desire to modernize combined with ransomware scares and other worries, are definitely key reasons causing customers to talk more about Windows 10 and Champion is helping to ensure they are following best practices for this major IT undertaking. Champion is also leveraging endpoint solutions, such as IBM BigFix, to enable enterprise environments to be able to move from older Windows systems (XP/Win7/Win8), regardless of 32 or 64 bit, into the 64 bit Windows 10, UEFI enabled (remove legacy BIOS), to secure endpoints in an automated fashion.

Below are replays of our recent Windows 10 webinars, and we also recommend the 2-Minute video below on Windows 10 Adoption recommendations.

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