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With the move over of BigFix from IBM to HCL, most BigFix customers has come over! Former BigFix members have also come back and the future for BigFix has never been brighter going forward! Did you know HCL has more than doubled the amount of BigFix developers, increased customer satisfaction, and delivered many updates in the past two years as IBM’s level 2 and 3 support?

How do I find out what is going on and what do I need to do to move over my support?

1. HCL BigFix welcome video replay – On it, there is a register button that is for a previous 40 min video welcoming BigFix customers over to HCL and also talked about upcoming events, webinars, and training.

2. Upcoming BigFix Events

BigFix Product Management update – August 13th, 2019 @ 11AM EST
Want to sneak a peek at the roadmap? Join Mike Gare head of BigFix Product Management and see where we are going.

Master your endpoints– August 27th, 2019 @ 11AM EST
Introductory level introduction for people brand new to the concepts of BigFix

Emeryville – BigFix Relevance Boot Camp– September 17-18th, 2019

Upstate NY User Group – September 19th, 2019 ~ Albany NY.

3. HCL support site – This site has everything BigFix for the user community. One of the links is for the HCL support. Everyone must register so they can be able to continue with their support, even if renewed through IBM. If any issues, can help get HCL resources to assist you, just let us know.

4. Wellness checks – Now is a perfect time to have us come in and review your BigFix system and see what version of the tool you are on, are you using current software to its full capability (for example if you have Lifecycle are using the Operating System Deployment (OSD) and Server Automation (SA) included with it? What about Inventory? Did you know it can hook to a National Vulnerability Database? Do you have all of the Compliance module baselines set up for your environment? Etc.

5. No Penalty to Catch up on Licenses! – Tired of Audits? HCL is looking to change the relationship with customers. Right now there is no penalty to get caught up on licenses if you need more. In the future at some future version (not the next one), BigFix will include license metering so you will know when you need to buy more making the process easier. You will get some room to exceed slightly and then the system will stop adding more user until you get more licenses. So, now is the time to get caught up and perhaps get a few ahead of current needs. We can help you during the wellness check!

Don’t forget to sign up for HCL Support if you have not already our Support. Finally, please reach out for when we can schedule a wellness check!

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