Champion Solutions Group Launches ebridge

Champion Solutions Group launches ebridge, an exclusive SaaS tool that accelerates deployment and significantly reduces bidirectional IT application costs associated with ServiceNow

June 18, 2019 – Boca Raton, FL. Champion Solutions Group has released its new ebridge SaaS tool to help companies populate their ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with assets from existing IT applications. The tool offers efficient bidirectional data correlation that enables smart ServiceNow workflows. ebridge features pre-built connectors between enterprise IT and security applications that drive down associated integration costs.

“Many companies have years of investment in their security and IT applications,” explains Champion Solutions Group CEO, Chris Pyle. “They’re looking for a cost-efficient way to leverage these assets for use in ServiceNow. ebridge enhances the value of your ServiceNow investment by creating seamless integration with these existing disparate applications.”

Pyle notes that ebridge also allows management of popular IT programs such as SolarWinds, Active Directory, JASK, BigFix, QRadar, and many more through the ServiceNow portal. Clients will see reduced costs and risk mitigation, along with increased productivity.

“ServiceNow provides one of the greatest CMDBs and intelligent workflow platforms on the planet,” Pyle says. “ebridge extends its value by making sure essential IT assets can be incorporated.”

Preparation for the launch of ebridge began in October 2018, when Champion Solutions Group acquired systemiC to strengthen its ServiceNow capabilities. The acquisition brought systemiC CEO Frank Hansen aboard, who now serves as Champion’s Senior Vice President and Lead Developer for ITOM Solutions. “Our unique ebridge programming pattern allows us to rapidly create application connectivity girders into ServiceNow,” says Hansen. “If our customer’s enterprise application has a restful API, ebridge allows us to have it communicating with ServiceNow for data enrichment and workflow callbacks within two weeks.”

Because ebridge facilitates bidirectional data correlation, IT professionals can connect the dots across enterprise applications and act on real-time data in ServiceNow. Champion’s role is to help companies use ebridge to go deeper with and extract the true value of creating a robust ServiceNow CMDB populated with as many IT assets as possible.

“ebridge enhances the ServiceNow Discovery module to offer greater and more actionable insights into your on-premise and cloud resources,” says Pyle. “But it also goes beyond maximizing the ServiceNow investment. Your end-users continue to work within the familiarity of the ServiceNow environment. Since ebridge is a SaaS tool, there’s no need to worry about the cost of training new IT personnel if a key member of your team leaves because we administer and maintain ebridge on your behalf.”

ebridge allows ServiceNow and you, as a customer, to truly define the “source of truth” by leveraging data feeds from multiple sources (from your existing tools). ebridge removes information barriers and creates a seamless, connected experience for ServiceNow management. The SaaS tool is a ready-built solution for IT professionals who are searching for ways to consolidate and utilize the true power of the ITIL framework that ServiceNow offers when existing assets are integrated.

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