Champion’s Cloud Business Unit, MessageOps, Announces the Most Significant Office 365 Enhancement Ever, Inscape365

MessageOps, a leader in Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and Azure consulting services has announced the release of their cutting-edge and sophisticated Office 365 management and reporting platform: Inscape365™.

MessageOps has built Inscape365 to give Office 365 administrators an easy way to manage, report and secure their Office 365 environment. Inscape365 provides simplified administration and reporting tools, as well as environment-wide visibility that enables better monitoring for security, license management and cost control.

Having migrated over six million seats to Office 365, MessageOps is well placed to ensure customers receive the maximum value from their Microsoft investment. Experts in the art of managing Office 365, the company has listened to customer feedback on their current solutions, such as CSP Boss, and used this information to create Inscape365—the next generation in Office 365 management and reporting.

“Every organization invests in technology for a good reason,” said Chris Pyle, CEO of MessageOps ( “The issues for a lot of our customers boil down to implementation and adoption, as well as cost and security. Will it work? Will my employees use the technology optimally, and will it cost me more than the provider says it will? Inscape365 is a solution that takes the risk involved in an investment like Office 365 and provides the right answers to these questions. We are giving the people who are responsible for the success of Office 365 in their organization a solution that will make their jobs a whole lot easier.”

Pyle continues, “Inscape365 is a solution we’ve created in partnership with our customers. They have told us what they love about our solutions, like CSP Boss, and what additions and alterations would benefit them. From these conversations we’ve been able to create, in Inscape365, the ultimate value-added solution for Office 365.”

Inscape365 provides Office 365 administrators with key benefits:
• Employee Onboarding/Offboarding wizard, adding and removing Office 365 users instantly
• Simplified administration and reporting, saving time, cost and strengthening security
• Sophisticated visibility into users, groups, permissions, licensing and more, showing how your employees are actually using Office 365
• A bypass of PowerShell
• Data-driven insights for better decision-making
• Easily export PST files from Outlook
• All data available in one central place, in one window, removing the need to move between different platforms

Organizations of any size can try Inscape365 for free (


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