Highly Publicized Chipotle Data Breach Shows Hackers Aimed at Endpoints

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Are your POS systems protected with effective endpoint security measures?

A number of high profile data breaches have been hitting the news as of late. One such attack occurred at Chipotle restaurants around the country, adding to Chipotle’s PR nightmares that started with food quality issues several years ago.

The recent Chipotle data breach points out the importance of proper endpoint security, as this is how hackers were able to gain access to the organization’s data infrastructure.

Just how bad was the Chipotle data breach?

A few months after the data breach, Chipotle released figures that cybercriminals stole customer data from the majority of its 2,250 restaurants across the US. Reuters reported that hackers targeted Chipotle restaurants over a three-week period by installing malware on the restaurants’ POS systems. This data breach allowed the attackers to commandeer credit cards and make purchases online, clone credit cards, and even withdraw money from bank accounts that were linked to debit cards.

Value of endpoint security shown in Chipotle data breach

While endpoint security has become a bit of a buzzword as of late, organizations seem to still have a problem understanding that POS systems should be protected in the same way as other types of company-owned devices. Criminals are taking note of this and using these terminals as a way to cause significant headaches and financial losses for businesses of all sizes.

Chipotle not the last to suffer from a POS related data breach

Unfortunately, the dark web and other hacker communities have made it easy for cybercriminals to obtain card-scraping malware and other software that can be used to infiltrate POS systems. Hackers are typically looking for areas where IT resources may be lacking, which includes restaurants, hotels, and other small businesses that interact with the public.

Chipotle’s reputation likely took another hit with news of latest data breach

As Chipotle was still reeling from its food contamination nightmare of several years ago, it now is faced with the thought that customers may not only be wary of eating at the restaurants because of food safety, but also now scared to purchase food for fear that their personal information may be stolen. This combination is likely not something that Chipotle’s PR team is excited about. Only time will tell if the large restaurant chain will be able to fully recover from this latest catastrophe.

Regardless of size, all businesses should focus on endpoint security

The latest Chipotle data breach is just another example that shows the importance of endpoint security for any business, regardless of size. If your organization does not have effective endpoint security measures in place, it’s likely only a matter of time before your data will be compromised. To learn more about Champion Solutions’ endpoint security offerings, including IBM BigFix, contact our expert team today.




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