A Look at Cisco Hyperconvergance 2.0 and HyperFlex – The Next Generation Data Center

By: Brandon Duclos


Join the TechWiseTV team in this video for an up-close look at Cisco HyperFlex Systems and how they can deliver dramatic benefits to your organization!

Cisco has launched Hyperconvergance 2.0 with its newly introduced HyperFlex HX series. This addition to the Cisco UCS platform further cements their footing within the Next Generation Data Center. The platform allows for independent scale-out infrastructure that includes the network layer. No other hyperconverged player has included the network layer in their solutions to date. This inclusion is HUGE and allows for additional simplicity from end to end.

The focus on simplicity continues with a new look at ‘pay-as-you-grow’. No longer is there a need to add another complete node when you need to add a couple more drives to capacity. Simply hotswap a new drive and let the HX Data Platform do all of the behind the scenes work for you. The system is completely managed through vCenter as a single pane of glass. This combination allows the HyperFlex system to create shared resource pools spread out across the cluster for all VMs to utilize.


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