Is Cloud the Right Technology To Use for Disaster Recovery?

By Kevin Vogl, VP Virtualization & Cloud

One of the hottest topics with our clients is how to use the Cloud and what solutions best fit the Cloud model. Two of them are Backup and DR. And the reasons are clear. The top reason being you pay for what you are using, only while you’re using it.

Many have a strategy to use the Cloud based on the platform they are running in their traditional data center. For instance, Virtualization. Quite a few have started with their virtualized platform and backed it up into a cloud environment. One of the added benefits is taking those backups and running them in that cloud environment as a recovery point for their production environment. Sounds like DR, doesn’t it?

One of our partners, Carbonite, offers a solution that lets you seamlessly backup or replicate business data to the cloud, and together we identified these five reasons organizations are turning to the cloud for offsite data protection:

1. With cloud-based data protection, a current copy of your data is always safely outside of the disaster zone. Your data stays high and dry, no matter what’s happening back at the office.

2. With Champion / Carbonite solutions, you’ll always have a team of disaster recovery experts to lean on—experts who can help restore your critical IT systems from the cloud, while you and your staff focus on restoring order onsite.

3. If a disaster threatens your office or data center, you can keep things running by shifting key services to the cloud for as long as needed.

4. Even if a disaster prevents you from returning to your office, you’ll still have access to critical systems, applications and data stored in the cloud.

5. Faster, cheaper, better: Cloud technology enables vastly more efficient and secure data transfers and storage, plus disk-to-disk remote recovery. No hefty upfront infrastructure costs. No more worrying if your backup tapes will get there in the aftermath of a disaster.

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