Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Combine to Meet Banking Needs


Champion Solutions Group recently helped a MidWest banking institution with their data protection strategy to deliver a solution for both DR and backup and recovery. Being in the banking industry, they needed the solution to be fully PCI and FINRA compliant, along with having the capacity to store all of their data and be simple to manage. Champion was able to deliver a DRaaS solution powered by Infrascale to protect the Banking Institution from data loss and minimize downtime.

Customer Profile
The Banking Institution focuses on Personal and Business banking, as well as Health Savings Accounts. Their data centers are located in the MidWest of the United States and in total The Banking Institution has approximately 150 employees – 10 of which are in the IT department. It was founded prior to 1900 and has multiple branch locations throughout Florida and Colorado in the USA.

• A simple to use solution that isn’t too complicated to manage
• A secure solution that adheres to strict financial industry standards
• A solution to support mixed environments and store large data sets

One of the biggest challenges for any financial institution is the sensitivity of customer data, as they must adhere to stringent financial security requirements. Not only were they in need of a secure solution, which held up to industry standards of PCI and FINRA compliance, but they needed a solution that had the capacity to store all of their data, over 9TB in total. They also needed a solution compatible with their existing environment: 95% of which was Windows based, VMware, and a few Linux machines. Finally, The Banking Institution needed a solution that was easy to understand, and not too complicated of a product for the IT staff to run and manage.

Data Protection Plan
The Banking Institution was impressed by the cloud based Infrascale solution that Champion offered, the 15 minute failover guarantee and the ease of use of the product. A few of the highlights included the short amount of time it took for replication of their servers to the Infrascale cloud, as well as the failover and orchestration technologies. Most impressively, they were able to seamlessly move from proof of concept to implementation without any configuration changes, so the solution was ready to go immediately.
Infrascale & Champion protect the Banking Institution from data loss and minimize downtime with the implementation of a Disaster Recovery as a Service solution, combining the power of the cloud with an on-premise data protection appliance.

The Solution
The Banking Institution now has a fully PCI and FINRA compliant solution, and they’re able to achieve a 15 minute failover in the event of any disaster.

The Banking Institution eradicates downtime and data loss by utilizing Champion / Infrascale’s DR solution. This combines a direct to cloud backup service and an onsite disaster recovery appliance.

“In the banking industry, everyone knows you have to offer a highly available system, and data backup and recovery is essential as well. We were able to have both a DR solution and a high quality data backup and recovery system for about the same cost of each. Also, the Proof of Concept was non-evasive. I’m very happy with the Champion-Infrascale solution. It’s an easy-to-use solution that functions very well with minimal management from my end. Implementing this solution really frees up my time to work on other critical projects.” – Banking Institution Representative

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Erick Bacallao joined Champion Solutions Group in 2015 after a career of Software Development in Cuba at the National Cancer Care Institute of Cuba, followed by moving to the States with allAware.


Champion acquired allAware and its properties and Erick has utilized his extensive background and expertise in IT and Software Development to rise to VP of Product Development in less than 5 years. During this time, Erick has been involved with key projects that led to the launch of numerous products including CSP Boss, Inscape platform and 365 Productivity Insights.


Erick has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Havana. He won Gold Medals for Programming from the Ministry of Education in Cuba, and he is certainly still a Gold Medalist for Champion!


As President and CEO, Chris is responsible for the development of key strategic alliances and solution portfolio. He leads Champion’s go-to market and execution strategies for integrated offerings in the cloud, in security, and in digital infrastructure, always focusing on improving the customer experience and driving transformative business outcomes.


He also aligns key partner initiatives with company strategy and oversees corporate marketing and messaging to gain mindshare with customers and partners. It’s his vision and innovativeness that have catapulted Champion up the ranks to become a $100M+ organization—and one of the most respected solution providers in the industry.


Over the past two decades, Chris has also focused on mergers and acquisitions, as well as innovative product development. He is the original founder and an active member on the Board of Managed Maintenance, Inc., a SAAS provider and consulting firm that utilizes their award-winning One-View Portal to help the IT Channel and its customers manage their IT Maintenance.


Chris is also the original founder and chief strategist behind one of the original storage cloud providers, Storage Access / BluePoint. During the course of a few short years, he had raised $20M and took that company public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It has since been acquired by Pomeroy.


In 2012, Chris led the acquisition of MessageOps and continued the product development and worldwide launch of its premier SAAS, 365 Command. Built on Microsoft Azure, 365 Command is currently managing over 1 million seats of Microsoft’s Office 365. After achieving this phenomenal milestone, 365 Command and other MessageOps O365 utilities were sold to Kaseya.


Over the past 35 years, Chris as worked tirelessly to not only advance his own career, but those of his employees. In addition to leading a $100M organization, Chris can also be found sitting with sales teams, cold calling and coaching, and validating why Champion has been listed on Best Places to Work by both South Florida Business Journal and Computerworld.

Ultimately, the success garnered by Champion Solutions Group, its associated companies, and their employees is due in large part to the leadership of its President and CEO. Perhaps the most fitting award Chris has earned is South Florida Business Journal’s 2013 Ultimate CEO Award.