Why Detecting Endpoint Attacks isn’t Enough

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Endpoint security isn’t just about detecting bad apples, it’s about getting rid of them for good.

Cyber security is incredibly important in today’s digitally connected marketplace. One of the primary ways that organizations protect their critical data is through a variety of endpoint security measures. The reality, however, is that organizations can’t simply stop at detecting potential endpoint attacks; they have to do much more to ensure their organizations are protected from cyber criminals.

Finding data breaches quickly saves money

According to Ponemon’s report on the Cost of a Data Breach, the faster a data breach is found, the less costly it will be to an organization. Data breaches that are found in under 100 days typically cost on average $1 million less than those that take more than 100 days to find.

Bad guys working extremely quickly to gain access to your data

While organizations are typically slow to detect data breaches, cyber criminals are acting incredibly fast. Based on the 2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report, the time from initial attack to compromise and exfiltration is typically just a few days.

Endpoint security detection is important but often not sufficient to prevent attacks

There are a number of endpoint security products being used by enterprises to give them a sense of security as it relates to endpoint infiltration. The problem with some of these solutions is that they’re only a detection mechanism and nothing else. While it’s certainly beneficial to detect these attacks, it’s often not enough.

Comprehensive endpoint security requires a multi-pronged approach

Detecting endpoint attacks should be considered just the beginning when it comes to your data security measures. Comprehensive endpoint security solutions like IBM BigFix utilize an advanced attack detection and remediation approach that includes the following valuable steps:

  • Investigate
  • Prevent
  • Detect
  • Contain
  • Remediate

As you can see, detecting the endpoint attack is only one facet of the BigFix approach. Too many organizations rely on an overworked team of security analysts to not only identify potential endpoint threats, but also respond to them in the correct fashion. Even though these analysts are doing their best, they simply can’t always respond quickly enough or in a way that is effective.

IBM BigFix can change all of this by providing organizations with a central platform that can both identify and offer clear and concise remediation options based on your exact environment. These are not basic FAQs that give you a general idea of what to do: they’re concrete steps backed by powerful machine learning algorithms that allow you to contain and remediate these attacks in a timely and effective fashion.

Reach out to Champion Solutions Group to learn more today

Unfortunately, today’s enterprises have their work cut out for them when it comes to protecting their infrastructure from endpoint attacks. Recent news stories prove that not all companies are doing a good job of protecting themselves from these attacks. Fortunately, IBM BigFix offers a unified platform for all your endpoint security tools, allowing your IT security team to investigate, prevent, detect, contain, and remediate attacks within your organization. To determine whether BigFix may be a beneficial endpoint security solution for your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out to the endpoint security experts at Champion Solutions Group today at 800-771-7000.


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