“Every Executive Needs To Understand Data Classification Strategy” – Forbes Article Posted by Champion’s Jason Milgram, Azure MVP

Every Executive Needs To Understand Data Classification Strategy
By Jason Milgram, Azure MVP and Practice Director, Champion Solutions Group & MessageOps

Data drives business, but data can be a double-edged sword. How can you limit access to that vital enterprise marketing plan, confidential account database or super-secret research report? On the other hand, how can you be sure that press releases and advertising content are freely available for use?

Deciding how to use organizational data is first and foremost an executive decision. Once you have laid down suitable rules that people in your organization then apply, correct everyday use of data should be a cinch. However, to make clear, simple rules that people can easily follow, you first need a clear, simple strategy — a data classification strategy.

In this article, Jason discusses:
– What is data classification?
– How do you classify data?
– Authentication and Authorization

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