Exciting News About Your IBM Ed Pack!

Exciting News!  IBM has transitioned the support of their Education Pack program to the Global Training Partners!

All our customers holding IBM Education Packs expiring in the next 90-days can transfer the balance of their IBM Ed Packs to training units and receive the following benefits:

– Extend the life of the IBM Education Packs by one year.

– Expand your training choices to include NetApp, VMware,
Microsoft and other IT business training courses.

AND if you transfer your IBM Ed Packs by December 24, 2013 you will receive the added benefit of:

–  Increasing the value of your IBM Ed Packs by 5%

Example: Transfer $10,000 in IBM Ed Packs and receive an
extra $500 worth of training units.


Click here to learn more about our training offering

Transfer your IBM Education Packs to us – We’ll make your training budget go further!




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