Failing to Patch is to Blame for the Equifax Breach

With the latest Equifax breach, we are reminded how important it is to have a patching solution in place. Equifax confirmed that a web server vulnerability in Apache Struts that it failed to patch months ago was to blame for the data breach that affected 143 million consumers. This could have been prevented. At Champion, our security experts help clients to implement real-time reporting that provides visibility and control on your security posture, the necessary patches and even whether there are vulnerabilities in your environment.

Champion recommends a next generation security solution to deliver complete management and security of all endpoints (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix and Mobile) across the entire network. We employ leading edge solutions such as IBM BigFix to provide real-time information and a closed-loop process on the lifecycle of each device, using a single server and utilizing a single port and intelligent agent, expanding to 250,000 devices.

Champion’s full suite of solutions

Comprehensive Lifecycle

  • Delivers comprehensive solutions for IT operations, including patching for all endpoints, asset discovery, software distribution remote control and OS deployment. Power Management reduces electrical consumption for cost savings.

Patch Management

  • Single pane of glass for all Operating Systems and 70+ applications
  • Real-time reporting -Agent is intelligent, reports are always in near real-time and up to date
  • 95-99% first pass remediation in hours, not days/weeks
  • Cloud-based content when available and reports network status in “near” real-time

Software Audits

  • Self-audits prevent exorbitant fines and true-up costs; passing a software audit is as fast as running a report
  • Real-time reporting identifies all software installed on all endpoints and compares this information to contracts (procurement) to identify where you are open to fines.
  • Detect where the software is, if it is utilized, and removes redundant or neglected software to drop the cost of maintenance.


  • Same systems, same agent providing HOST-BASED check lists for vulnerabilities and compliance (ie. HIPAA and PCI)
  • Real-time reporting across operating systems (based on thousands of DISA/CSI checks out of the box)
  • Easy to add and import defined SCAP protocol check from external sources

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