Security for Financial Institutions

Champion Solutions Group is helping financial services companies just like you balance the need to innovate and serve the client, while delivering a more comprehensive security platform. We have helped many mid-market Banking and Financial Institutions gain peace of mind, protecting their assets and passing all compliance and regulatory audits.

Specializing in delivering comprehensive solutions to mid-market Banking and Financial Institutions, we understand that you are not one of the BIG BANKS, but you must deal with the same compliance issues and the need to be hyper-responsive to the markets you serve.

We deliver comprehensive solutions at price points acceptable to your financial institutions.

Compliance Driven Security Solutions

Cyber Security Policies and Procedures including:

Information Security
Data Governance and Classification
Identity Management
Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Systems
Systems and Network Security
Customer Data Privacy

Multi-Factor Authentication as it applies to:

Customer access to web applications
Privileged access to database servers
Any access to internal systems from external networks

Endpoint Management including:

Patch Management
Software Audit
Power Management
Windows 10 Migration and Security Policies

Perimeter Network Security:

URL Filtering
Anti-malware and Anti-exploit Protection

Audit solutions such as:

Annual Penetration Testing
Quarterly Vulnerability Assessments
and Audit Trail Development

Managed Security Solutions

Turnkey security solutions to fit your businesses needs

Finance Customers who Trust Champion:

Our Methodology

In many instances, you already have all the tools you need, you just need to fully leverage them and get them to perform and roll up to a single management portal. Champion works with your team to discover what you have today, the gaps that need to be filled, and how to utilize your current investments to close those gaps. If we realize that your current security tool investments don’t close the gaps, then and only then do we recommend new tools.

We design a program for you that meets your needs: From a complete managed security service to a pin-pointed service like: Creating an Enterprise Mobility Solution, or developing a Data Loss Prevention policy, or rolling out data classification and archiving solutions…either way, Champion has your back.

Join the hundreds of Finance companies that we help everyday protect their valuable assets.

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