Is The “Force” With You When It Comes To Wire Data?

By Chris VanCuyk

Every organization has wire data. It’s all around you and your assets. Each time data goes between an application, web server, database, etc, you have wired data. It kind of sounds like the “Force,” and if used for good, can help against the evils of downtime, exhaustive root cause analysis, agent-based asset discovery, and malicious data movement. Which tool can have such an impact on both operational and security initiatives? It’s called ExtraHop, and it will change how you view your data.

In the past, getting extensive data from your environments took constant tuning because agents had to be deployed and as the environment changed you had to know what was changing so it was included. How valuable would it be if you could dynamically scan your environment? As organizations continue to get more complex it is imperative to understand how changes will affect existing resources. I can name dozens of instances where changes were tested and deployed successfully only to realize later that the change had an unexpected effect on other resources. Whether it was performance degradation or outages, they all take time to track down the root cause, usually in the middle of the night, and every team has their data showing–it’s not their fault. ExtraHop can show all of your teams the needed data in a single console to determine root cause, get your environment running quickly, and give you hours of sleep back.

The other function that gave me my “moment” of where I saw great value was being able to reverse engineer your environment. I have sat in numerous meetings over the years where the infrastructure teams showed what they deployed or changed in the environment, but couldn’t tell me exactly how the environment looked holistically. As environments mature, it is difficult to know every detail from the day it was deployed through the hundreds of changes that have taken place over the years. These are the type of things that just pop off the ExtraHop console and open up a whole world of data that can be used across the organization.

This brings me to security. My question to you is, “how do you determine if there is malicious activity or anomalies in how resources are communicating if you don’t know what normal looks like?” The simple answer is “you can’t.” This is where ExtraHop can give you that extra added layer of security for ransomware. I’m sure your organization has something in place today, but there is no tool that can stop every entry point of ransomware. Since ExtraHop knows what normal looks like for your organization, it can spot anomalies which gives your teams the information needed to know where to look and what needs to be remediated.

Data is one of the most valuable assets for every organization. Managing it properly will not only give you an operational advantage over your competition, but help you protect it from malicious attacks. ExtraHop is a dynamic tool that can bring value to every organization. I have highlighted a few use cases in this post, and there are dozens more waiting to be used at your company. Let me know if you would like to know more about this extraordinary solution. Champion Solutions Group and ExtraHop offer free Proof of Concepts to make sure you see the great value and ease of deployment.


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