PCI DSS Analysis for Healthcare Organizations Get A Boost With PCI Analytics 1.9

This past December, IBM gave the community an early Christmas present when it announced the release of a new version of the BigFix PCI Compliance tool, V1.9. This new enhancement adds updated PCI DSS policy reporting and analytics support. With this additional support comes more efficient and compelling reporting for businesses to further enforce their security posture. The five key benefits that come with this update will be very helpful to enterprises adhering to PCI DSS requirements, especially healthcare organizations.

What Is the BigFix PCI Compliance Add-On?

The BigFix PCI Compliance Add-on is a product addition to the IBM BigFix suite which provides checklists for PCI compliance. The checklists are based off of the PCI DSS organizational and technical baselines which have been set as minimums for obtaining PCI compliance.

The PCI Compliance Add-On uses the checklists to simplify PCI compliance and monitor across the entire environment. When the add-on checklists are applied to an organization’s BigFix security configuration, any device that BigFix manages will be scrutinized and reported against via a real-time dashboard. This gives organizations an easy way to reduce non-compliant devices and automate compliance remediation actions in real-time, as they are detected. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it?

Here’s the Deal…

The big win for implementing the latest version (1.9) of the PCI Compliance Tool (also known as PCI Analytics 1.9) is how reporting is affected. Reporting capabilities in this latest version provide a more in depth analysis of multiple security policies. This includes the ability to generate specific PCI policy requirement reports, as well as being able to see multiple PCI requirement reports in a single dashboard view. With this, seeing into any and all layers of an organization’s PCI compliance status is easy and concise.

For the healthcare industry, this is huge. PCI compliance has been a growing issue in terms of healthcare organizations, as audit attention turns from the financial and retail world onto the healthcare world. The PCI Compliance tool keeps healthcare organizations a step ahead of PCI auditors while further securing their overall environment, keeping them a few steps ahead of wouldbe security attacks.

The Big Five

As stated earlier, the introduction of this new release also brings with it five key benefits for both PCI requirement and milestone monitoring.

  • Enhanced reporting views makes it easier to drill down into sub reports to view the details of checklist compliance results.
  • Those managing compliance can now assess a device’s compliance status in the requirements view against granular requirements for better audit preparations.
  • Managers gain a new capability that allows them to see compliance data for specific endpoints to better determine and execute remediation actions, and if those actions should be automated or manually performed.
  • Anyone with management level permissions will be given the ability to evaluate compliance milestones so actions can be properly prioritized.
  • The new PCI compliance reporting is now separated from other compliance reporting for better granularity and security posture response actions.

These great new capabilities in the V1.9 Compliance Add-On is definitely on track to helping PCI compliant business and healthcare organizations better align their security posture to PCI DSS requirements.

Champion Is Here to Enhance Your PCI Compliance Needs

At Champion we have seen our healthcare partners’ PCI compliance needs continue to grow. We work with businesses on an individual basis to determine how to best leverage the new features in this latest release of the BigFix PCI Compliance Add-on. Our subject matter experts will join your team in a cohesive effort to make PCI compliance one of the easier tasks your organization needs to address. Contact us today to learn how Champion can help your business get ahead in the PCI compliance game.


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