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Champion Solutions Group is an IBM Platinum Business Partner that specializes in endpoint security solutions and services, with extensive experience and skillsets for the IBM BigFix platform. We follow a proven, time-tested methodology to discover what you have today, the gaps that need to be filled, and how to close those gaps. If we realize that your current security tool investments don’t close the gaps, we will help create the right strategy for your unique business needs.

What is IBM BigFix?

IBM BigFix (formerly Tivoli Endpoint Manager) is an endpoint security solution that lets you see, understand and act on endpoint threats fast. BigFix delivers complete management and security to all endpoints (Windows, Mac, Linux, UNIX and Mobile) across the entire network with real-time visibility and closed-loop process on the lifecycle of each device, using a single server for up to 250,000 endpoints utilizing a single port and intelligent agent.

The core differentiation lies in its security policy management capabilities with fully automated remediation. The product includes an extensive library of compliance templates with matching remediation action content for DISA, STIG, FDCC, SCAP, and USGCB. Another differentiator is that the tool’s intelligence is on the endpoint, rather than the server. This allows the agent to actively discover a deviation from policy and execute remediation, rather than rely on a predefined schedule of system scans and subsequent server-side reporting. This enables organizations to maintain higher degrees of configuration compliance. IBM’s solution is a particularly good fit for heavily regulated industries and government.

IBM BigFix Patch Management Platform


Patch Management
Security Configuration Management
Vulnerability Assessment
Compliance Analytics
3rd Party Anti-virus Management
Self Quarantine
PCI DSS (Add-On)


Your team will be well equipped with a platform that lets you see your endpoints clearly to detect evasive attacks with behavioral analytics, and then define the scope of the attacks to take remediation action.

Patch Management:

OS Patching
3rd Party App Patching
Offline Patching


Patch Management
Asset Discovery
SW Distribution
Advance Patching
Remote Control
OS Deployment
Power Management
Sequenced Task Automation


Complete Software / Hardware Inventory
Software Usage Reporting
Software Tagging
Software Catalog Correlation


Asset Discovery
Patch Management
Software Distribution

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IBM BigFix Services

Today’s endpoint security is requiring more advanced tactics and strategy than ever before – and knowledgeable partners to implement them. Champion’s security experts help clients to implement real-time reporting that provides visibility and control on security posture, necessary patches and even whether there are vulnerability in your endpoints, from standard mobile devices to specialized Linux systems. Extend your enterprise and mobile investment with the easy integration of IBM’s endpoint security platform with the help of our certified engineers and architects.

Our team will perform a discovery and assessment of your current endpoint security landscape, include patch management practices, in order to understand what you have today and the gaps that need to be filled.

Proof of Concept
After we thoroughly discover and assess your current endpoint security and patch management process, we can deliver a POC within a day to show you the benefit of having a lifecycle management platform for your endpoints. 

Design, Setup, and Installation

  • Size and placement of Big Fix infrastructure
  • Install and configure the base system
  • Help install the agents to the desired systems
  • Configure LDAP integration
  • Create Role/Group in Big Fix to match AD group

Patch Management

  • Work with your team to understand your patching process and Change Management guidelines
  • Create a workflow for capturing the patching requirements
  • Create baselines for adhering to compliancy (patch) during change windows
  • Automate the patching process
  • Create reports to show compliance
  • Train staff

Windows 10
Migrating to Windows 10 is a significant undertaking. Champion can assist you with your Windows 10 strategy and migration, along with enabling security features such as Secure Boot. We can provide a POC in a matter of hours to show you the benefit of lifecycle management of endpoints with a focus around Windows 10 adoption. Learn more about our Windows 10 services.

Managed Services
Let Champion help you with 24×7  remote administration, operations, security, and monthly or hourly services.

Health Check for Existing Implementations
Our team can perform a health check on your environment. This allows us to better understand how Big Fix is setup. A typical health check includes:

  • Overall Design
  • Relay architecture: Relay selection, Auto vs Manual, DMZ/Off Network
  • Performance: BES Server, Relays, Endpoints,
  • Policies/Actions
  • Log files: BufferDir/Gather/Relays
  • Database: Size, Maintenance, Transactions logs
  • Users: Groups /Roles, LDAP

Champion can deliver a customized training session for your staff members. For example, a one-day training workshop would include:

  • An overview of asset discovery
  • An overview of Big Fix remote control
  • An overview of software packages
  • An overview of VMware integration
  • An overview of the training runbooks

For more information and to learn more about a 30-day Free Trial, call 800-771-7000 or submit our contact us form on the side of this page.

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