How IBM BigFix Helps Organizations Gain Full Visibility into Their Endpoint Landscape

Learn how IBM BigFix can help your company not only detect, but also effectively react to endpoint vulnerabilities.

Endpoint protection is a virtual requirement in today’s tech landscape where ransomware, malware, and other cyber threats are the norm. Organizations simply can’t afford to not adequately protect their infrastructure, as the average cyberattack can cost millions of dollars and potentially bankrupt a small company.

Thankfully there are a host of endpoint security options, one of which is IBM BigFix, a comprehensive endpoint protection tool that does much more than just detect endpoint vulnerabilities.

How can IBM BigFix take your endpoint security strategy to the next level?

Detection is no longer enough when it comes to responding to endpoint attacks. Organizations need a multi-pronged cybersecurity approach that stops and reacts to endpoint attacks in real time. Below are just a few of the ways that IBM BigFix takes a more comprehensive approach to endpoint security compared to some other cyber security solutions on the market today.

Importance of behavioral analytics

With IBM BigFix, you’ll not only be able to spot and react to endpoint attacks, but you’ll have a robust detection system in BigFix that utilizes behavioral analytics to detect evasive attacks that may be difficult to spot by IT staff.

Once an attack has been identified, the tool does a stellar job of defining the scope of the attack to provide visibility into the type of remediation steps that should be taken. Once these steps have been identified, BigFix allows organizations to roll out patches company-wide to eliminate vulnerabilities from the potential endpoint attack at hand.

Constant inventory of authorized and unauthorized software

With millions of workers around the world working from home or while traveling, it can be extremely difficult to monitor and track all of the software that is running on corporate machines and mobile devices. With BigFix, organizations can constantly audit devices, both mobile and desktop, based to identify potentially unauthorized software that could open up a company to potential cyber threats. IBM BigFix Inventory allows organizations to significantly reduce the time necessary to conduct a software asset inventory for compliance or license reconciliation purposes. This helps organizations to identify the software they own, but often more importantly, the software that is running on their systems that has not been authorized.

Automated patch management

With IBM BigFix, organizations can begin to automate the entire patching process so that it is administered from one central location. This streamlined interface allows full visibility into the deployment and success of patches to endpoints both on and off the company’s network infrastructure. According to clients, IBM BigFix Patch Management offers a greater than 98% first pass patch success rate.

Interested in learning more about how to secure your organization’s endpoints with IBM BigFix?

After reading through this comprehensive feature set of IBM BigFix, we hope that you’ll take the time to learn how these robust tools can be put to work to protect your organization from endpoint attacks. To learn more reach out to our experts today at 800-771-7000 or through our contact form.


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