IBM Flex System with Microsoft Exchange Speeds Collaboration: Getting more than the sum of the parts

Real benefits are now easier to access than ever before

IBM Flex System is the latest-and-greatest in blade technology. Businesses want a worry free environment that maximizes density of virtual machines and simplifies wiring complexities and installation hassles. With Flex System they get these features along with lower energy usage, a highly scalable management system that can manage over 5000 end points and a platform that has a ten+ year horizon, since its introduction in 2012.

IBM Flex System gives you true choice, with the ability to incorporate technologies that are at the heart of your organization’s experience and expertise. For instance, you can choose the integrated IBM Flex V7000 Storage Node or opt for the IBM DS3524 Storage System along with key software features offered by each – yet each is tied to the same single point management system. This flexibility of choice is shown in the figure below.

Figure 1: IBM Four Quadrants of Reliable, Tested Technology choices

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The IBM Flex System Solution for Exchange Server

The need for collaborative problem solving and team driven decisions is ever more critical in an age where teams are dispersed, virtual, and sometimes disconnected. Microsoft Exchange Server is being continuously strengthened to support these collaborative needs. At the same time, IBM clients from Entry to Mid-size Enterprise customers have reflected their interest in highly reliable, cost effective solutions that are easy to deploy, that deliver a low TCO and provide a complete end-to-end Exchange solution.

Such solutions are currently available from IBM PureFlex and Flex System today.   By bringing in a choice of storage solutions, IBM clients have a choice of picking a storage solution that fits their specific needs. Be it their experience base or a set of desired features, or a particular business objective that balances a price/performance metric from a storage system such as the IBM DS3524.

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