IBM Taps Actifio For Cloud Storage Service

SmartCloud Data Virtualization puts virtualized copies of application data in the cloud, then makes it available wherever it’s most needed.


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IBM has launched SmartCloud Data Virtualization, a cloud storage service that relies upon Actifio’s Virtual Data Pipeline technology. Actifio’s “one golden copy” approach to data may appeal to enterprises that need multiple copies of each application’s data but are trying to reduce storage costs.

IBM previously recommended some of its customers store data in now-defunct Nirvanix’s cloud datacenters. Its partnership with Actifio acknowledges that cloud storage must be backed by stronger vendors with more sophisticated data management systems. SmartCloud Data Virtualization is IBM’s first major foray into data management based on cloud services since Nirvanix declared bankruptcy last October.

Actifio can put a front end on multiple applications, each with its own storage system, through IBM’s SmartCloud Data Virtualization service. Enterprise users of the data continue to access it the same way, as if it were still across the hall in the datacenter, even though it may be in a distant IBM cloud environment. Actifio, in effect, enables an application’s production data to be separated from its physical location and operation and placed in the most suitable storage location. The Actifio system is equipped with enough storage software smarts to determine…


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