Making Security Part of your Cloud Strategy from the Beginning

With COVID-19, the movement to the cloud was faster than anticipated and while this move was inevitable, moving faster is not always safer.  The cloud offers many advantages including quick to market value, however, depending on the data (and applications) being leveraged, the processes and ways to get this done has vastly changed, with more options than ever before.

  • Identity Management for authentication (who are you) and authorization (are you allowed here) is different than when data was hosted on-site.  Moving to the cloud may have exposed data to “outside” the organization.
  • Patching your systems has always been a mundane task to complete, but now it can be more difficult in the cloud as data and IT sprawl enters the game.
  • Networking is no longer a simplified task of protecting your data center.  Now your data, application and access has moved to a work from anywhere (WFA) mentality.

The cloud has changed how we used to do things on-premise and each cloud (AWS/Azure/GCP/etc.) is different in how you set them up.  Having expertise on premise or in one public cloud does not necessary carry over to other cloud platform.  As companies grow, lack of features in one cloud will lead them to adopt a multi-cloud environment.  Then, they have cross data access (between clouds for application functionality) and management across totally different environments.  While companies like IBM are pushing to create new “standards” in this paradigm, adoption of these security standards will take years and in the meantime each public cloud vendor will continue to invest (ie. VMware of Carbon Black) and expand their security best practices and solutions into their offerings.
The biggest issues with the breaches or data losses in the past year have been with simply bad hygiene.  Just as with poor practices in terms of patching (which has been an issue for years), poor configuration of the cloud resources and the data contained therein, has been the number one source of the “How” they breach.  The “Why” are all the reasons mentioned above and more.
Until security is part of the solution, from the ground up, most companies will require multi-cloud views and checks to validate how their cloud environment are servicing the job they are meant to do and also conform to best practices within industry standards and regulations.   If you find yourself in this place, look at the Trend Micro Cloud Conformity solution. A very cost effective and multi-cloud view of your environment.  It is an agnostic viewpoint based on industry standards.  In addition, pre-defined playbooks and remediation steps are there to make it easy for a seasoned AWS professional to adjust the proper setting in GCP or Azure without having to Google search it first.

Free Cloud Health Check from Trend Micro and Champion Solutions Group

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