How to Mitigate Cyber Attacks

Don’t fall victim to a serious cyber attack. Champion Solutions Group can help bolster your current endpoint security platform.

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Today, security teams can quickly become overwhelmed by the wide array of vulnerabilities that present themselves from all sorts of areas. Organizations typically have a variety of endpoint security solutions in place to attempt to protect from these attacks, but these solutions are not all created equal. One such solution, IBM BigFix, is quickly becoming a major player in the endpoint security industry for many reasons.

What is IBM BigFix?

IBM BigFix is a systems management software product that that was developed by IBM to manage large groups of computers running a wide array of operating systems, including Windows, VMware ESX, Linux, Mac OS X, and UNIX, as well as other mobile operating systems such as Windows Phone, iOS, and Android. IBM BigFix offers system administrators remote control, software distribution, patch management, network access protection, and OS deployment, as well as software and hardware inventory functionality.

Problems with endpoint security in today’s highly connected marketplace

While endpoint security once meant simply securing your organization’s physical computers located at your facility, today it’s much more complicated. Most organizations have laptops that are used in office as well as on the road, BYOD mobile devices, POS systems that may connect to the cloud, and many other devices that all must be protected. This myriad of devices can be a virtual gold mine for potential hackers looking to gain access to a company’s critical data. Think about the various major data breaches of late, such as Home Depot or Target, where hackers gained access to credit card data and other corporate information through compromised POS systems.

Cyber attacks becoming more frequent and sophisticated

According to a survey by a prominent cyber security firm, an eye popping 88% of organizations don’t believe their defenses are good enough to meet their needs. To meet these ever-changing scenarios, companies like IBM are developing more robust endpoint security solutions to help companies evolve as it relates to cyber security.

Benefits of IBM BigFix

Simply detecting endpoint attacks is no longer enough. Today, organizations need to stop them in their tracks. With IBM BigFix, this is finally a reality. Today’s security experts are already overwhelmed with data across departments, and simply don’t have the time or resources to appropriately execute a company wide response plan. IBM BigFix allows your IT team to see, understand, and act on endpoint threats immediately. Whether they are on or off the corporate network, you’ll have full access to detect these attacks based on sophisticated behavioral analytics. Once an attack has been thwarted, you’ll be able to lay out a sophisticated remediation plan that allows you to define the scope of action that is taken for each detected attack.

Contact Champion Solutions Group to learn more about IBM BigFix

If you’re unsure of whether your current endpoint security solution is sufficient, the experts at Champion Solutions Group can help you audit and adjust your endpoint security solution to ensure you and your entire team is properly protected from potential attacks. We offer full discovery and implementation of BigFix solutions, as well as managed services to fully maintain your systems so you don’t have to. Contact us today to learn more.


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