Protecting your Identity is more important now than ever

For the majority of people, they have no idea how IAM works behind the scenes, but I do hope that everyone reading this understands that security implications are involved with user credentials and how often they can be stolen or misused. This is a reason controlling IAM is extremely import to all organizations from small ones with a closed off single LDAP/AD directory to large organizations that provide not just services to their employees and business partners, but to their customers as well (think of your banking application). Even simply tasks such as on-boarding (new hires) and off boarding (removing access when employees leave or change roles) has moved beyond a simple check list to automation of user identity called Lifecycle Management of credentials.

Because user ID’s and password are sensitive information, we need to protect this data when communicating internally and more importantly when using this data to access cloud-based systems that may or may not be controlled by your organization. To do this, standards are created such as SAML and ODIC which allow secure authentication and authorization without having to transmit the credentials between an identity provider (IdP) and a service provider (SP). This also allows us to leverage single sign on (SSO) across application and resources in the cloud and on premise. However not all applications (mostly legacy) do not provide or can use some of these standard methods. This is where Okta’s Secure Web Authentication (SWA) can alleviate this problem by linking up your ID provider to other applications.

Okta has more than 6,500 pre-integrated applications for SSO an over 1,300 SAML/OIDC integrations provided to their customers out of the box in a cloud supported model. Other vendors provide various methods of syncing credentials between cloud applications, but none have the depth of Okta’s support nor the ease use. Many of these required deep knowledges and supporting middleware such as SQL servers, Sync services and rely on the vendors’ products and services to make it all happen. Okta is vendor neutral, so you are not locked into any specific service or provider.

As more companies move to automate onboarding and offboarding into Human Resources (HR) they also leverage more cloud-based services. Okta has the most integration with HR products such as Workday, UltiPro, BambooHR, SuccessFactors and many others. Getting ready to deploy O365 across the enterprise? Need to support MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) with adaptive security polices? Or about to start a Merger/Acquisition?  Out of the box support from Okta will make this faster, simpler and less expensive.

End users and customers demand seamless and frictionless access to resources you provide and expect their credentials to be secure. When looking to manage complex identity management and SSO, Okta makes this as frictionless as possible for end user while maintaining the security standards Your organizations require.

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