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Why Champion Solutions Group

✓ Smart Consulting: We aren’t just a few chapters ahead of you in the ServiceNow manual, we thrive in complex environments and how to make them friction-less.
✓ Trusted Experience: With extensive experience delivering ServiceNow services, we know where the challenges are and how to overcome them.
✓ Field-Tested Templates: Whether it’s implementation, SaaS or legacy integration, we can launch your project quickly so you can realize the benefits of a successful, long-lasting ServiceNow implementation.
✓ ITIL: We love ITIL! We understand ITIL best practices and how to implement them into your ServiceNow ITOM solution.

Experience The Difference

✓ Ongoing Support: Our knowledgeable experts are with you on your journey.
✓ Vision: We see the big picture and how all of the pieces work to achieve it.
✓ Development/Integration: Whether you need ServiceNow development or legacy application integration, Champion provides expertise in this area under one roof. Our competitors rely on subcontractors or additional partners.
✓ Managed Services: IT teams are multi­tasking at ever-increasing rates. Leverage our proven methodology and expert staff to maximize your success with ServiceNow. Multiple levels of service are available to tailor to your business needs.

Tested. Proven. Support.

Founded in 1984, Champion Solutions Group is a Microsoft Gold – ServiceNow Partner providing outstanding ServiceNow development, implementation, and deployment services to enterprise customers worldwide.

ServiceNow Change Management with Custom Workflows Services

The ServiceNow Change Management application provides a systematic approach to control the life cycle of all changes, facilitating beneficial changes to be made with minimum disruption to IT services. Champion Solutions Group delivers a comprehensive set of configuration, reporting, and training services for the Change Management application with custom workflows based on best practices.

Change Management Form

• Create custom change Screen/ Field Design with up to 10 custom fields, up to 5 custom UI Policies, and up to 3 UI Actions (buttons)
• Change Tasks
• Create solution for managing affected Cls
• Change Calendar
• Automatic Approvals
• Enable risk management plug-in and create custom questionnaire and thresholds for risk assessment, if required (Otherwise, keep risk calculation function, which uses Priority and Impact fields)

Workflow Management

• Create up to 1 parent workflow
• Create up to 4 types of change management workflows (I.e. Normal, Emergency, Standard, Urgent)
• Create up to 5 sub-flows to fit into each general workflow (I.e. approval steps)
• Create up to 10 custom scripts for each approval sub-flow
• Create up to one custom workflow stage set, if using custom workflows
• Create up to 10 custom security groups
• Create up to 5 custom roles that will serve to grant the above-mentioned groups their security and permissions
• Create one roll-back scenario for each approval activity
• Create timers and notifications, if required, in each approval activity

  • Create up to 8 custom reports based on the specific change request table being used
  • Create up to 2 custom dashboards for different users
Filter Menu

Create up to 5 custom Application Menus and Modules for Change Management, Reporting, Administration, and CMDB

Skills Transfer & Training

• Train staff on the management of the CMDB
• Provide skills transfer on the following:
• Dashboards
• Group/Role management
• Adding custom table columns and corresponding form fields
• Adding hints to form fields
• Management of the risk assessment questionnaire
• Using the change history calendar
• Creating Custom Reports
• Customizing email notifications
• Managing UI policies

ServiceNow Asset Management

ServiceNow Asset Management is a tool that automates your IT asset lifecycles with workflows. It tracks the financial, contractual, and inventory details of hardware and devices, as well as non-IT assets, throughout their lifecycles. Champion Solutions Group delivers a comprehensive set of services to ensure proper configuration of Asset Management.

Collection Services
  • Conduct gap analysis workshops
  • Develop integration requirements
  • Develop data requirements
  • Define work backlog (Document in SCRUM)
Validation Services
  • Set up core systems
  • Perform sample import common data
  • Collect detail, SLAs, and current reporting needs
  • Once foundation data is complete and synchronizing, use it as a single source of truth
Deployment Services
  • Develop a standard set of templates to be used for Asset
  • Provide skills transfer for all customization
  • Provide training of products in a “train the trainer” format
  • Establish a system that supports flexible asset workflows, which we believe will lead to operational efficiencies
  • Streamline the change request process by providing a web-based, intuitive GUI interface for customers and IT service providers that encourages customer self-service
  • Implement an easily supportable and configurable application
  • Develop the look and feel of the UI
  • Import required images and develop CSS to brand solution
Asset Development
  • Create categories of asset models (computers, servers, printers, software)
  • Create asset models. Models are specific versions or various configurations of an asset, such as a MacBook Pro 17″
  • Create individual assets, such as hardware, consumables, and software licenses (If you used a discovery tool, you may already have many assets identified accurately)
  • Manage assets by counting software licenses, viewing assets in stock, setting asset states and sub states, and analyzing unallocated software
CMDB CIM Discovery
  • Port based probes
  • CIM Classifications
  • Classifications based on discoverable data
  • CMDB Data import and discovery based on SolarWinds and SCCM
CMDB Cl Relationship
  • Relationship for Cl and BSM
  • Applying security to Cl
  • Cl Relation Rollups
  • Affected Cls
  • Mapping relationships
CMDB Maintenance Processes
  • Blank IP
  • Cls Not Discovered
  • Duplicate Cl by IP Address
  • Duplicate Cl by Serial Number
  • Not Classified
  • Not Responding
  • Connection Errors
Service Request

• Create workflows to support parent child
• Create/ develop screen and layouts to support new Service Requests
• Develop the CMDB relationships to support Service Requests


• Documented system and reporting requirements to support necessary configuration and development
• Initial project plan that identifies necessary tasks for configuration, development and testing
• System Configuration skills transfer
• CMDB upload and maintenance skills transfer


• Complete within 5 business days of turnover
• End User Testing
• Go Live Checks

ServiceNow Scripting: Server Side (within ServiceNow)

• Include Definitions (Javascri pt)
• Fix Scripts (Javascript)
• U I Scripts (Javascri pt)

ServiceNow Scripting: Client Side (External SNOW)

• python
• node.js
• perl

ServiceNow Orchestration

ServiceNow Orchestration serves as the foundation of the ServiceNow Cloud Management application, and supports infrastructure, network, and business automation. Champion Solutions Group are experts in delivering world-class ServiceNow Orchestration services to ensure proper configuration and start automating processes to streamline tasks and produce fast, predictable results.

ServiceNow Orchestration Configuration Services

• Develop probes required to update ECC queues
• PowerShell probe configuration for parameters and credentials
• SSH probe configuration for parameters and credentials
• Configuration of MID Server to work with Orchestration

ServiceNow Orchestration Core Services

• Activities to include: DNS Name resolution, SNMP, SOAP, Run Probes
• Develop AD add/disable/remove/reset/update
• Develop PowerShell change states, install windows app, join domains, restart windows and run scripts
• Develop Linux file copy/replace/write/delete, scp and custom scripting

ServiceNow Orchestration Activity Packs Services

• Activities configuration with VMware
• Custom activities packages
• ServiceNow Orchestration Provisioning
• Catalog items for VM Templates
• Catalog items and workflow specific to provisioning

ServiceNow Orchestration VMware Services
  • Install VMware Orchestration provisioning
  • Enable VMware provisioning
  • Configure vCenter and the ESX Server
  • Configure ServiceNow
  • Configure Approvals
  • Configure Provisioning
  • Configure VMware workflow activities
  • Configure MID Server Probes
ServiceNow Scripting

Server Side (within ServiceNow)

  • Include Definitions (Javascript)
  • Fix Scripts (Javascript)
  • UI Scripts (Javascript)

Client Side (External SNOW)

  • python, node.js, and perl
ServiceNow Orchestration VMware Validation Services

• Determine VMware activity results values
• Managed Object Reference ID
• Virtual Machine UUID
• Adding Disk
• Changing Network & State
• Check the VM Alive State
• Cloning
• Configure Windows / Linux
• Deleting Snapshots
• Get VM Events and Guest Info
• Select IP Address and Name

ServiceNow Orchestration Services

Activate the Orchestration plugin to add workflows to the Workflow Editor (if necessary), to include:

  • • Basic Orchestration activities
  • SSH, VMware, and PowerShell activities
  • Active Directory activities
  • Amazon EC2 activities
  • Puppet
Puppet Master Server Installation & Configuration Services

• Create Puppet Master Server
• Lock the Version
• Setup Names and Certificates
• Configure Puppet Master
• Install Puppet Agent
• Configure Puppet Agents
• Add required modules to Master and Nodes
• Create Manifest

ServiceNow Orchestration Puppet
  • Configuration of Puppet Resources
  • Perform Puppet discovery
  • Create Puppet schedules
  • Management of the Puppet nodes
  • Create set of Node Definitions
  • Design and declare Puppet classes
  • Define Cl-level attributes
  • Integration of Change Management and Puppet
  • Install the Puppet Server software
  • Activate the Puppet Configuration Mgmt. plugin
  • Set up Key Stores and a User Account•
  • Configure Puppet Properties
  • Discover Puppet servers to import resources into the ServiceNow instance
  • Manage Puppet nodes and create node definitions
  • Add and Edit Puppet Node Attributes
  • Create Puppet VM templates and catalog items
  • Test completing provisioning tasks
ServiceNow Core Configuration

• Enable Cloud Provisioning application with ServiceNow instance (if necessary)
• Enable Discovery plug-in in ServiceNow instance
• Define Groups and Roles for each service activity:
• Assign Roles to Groups
• Assign ServiceNow users to Groups
• Customize the Discovery dashboard as necessary (up to 2 additional or different gauges)
• Set up credentials for orchestration processes to include AWS, Basic Authentication, CIM, SNMP, SSH, VMware, vRealize Automation infrastructure Windows
• Configure forms for each of the orchestration service requests per request
• Create catalog items and pricing for each item provisioning offer
• Create any necessary probes as needed other than out of the box probes found in the ServiceNow system
(Orchestration> Definition> Probes).
• Manage input and output variables for activity designer
• Test and approve out of the box orchestration workflows AND/OR
• Copy existing out of the box orchestration workflows and add approval and notification activities
• Configure approval activities for each orchestration requests to include:
• Assigning users/groups
• Configuring approval requirements for workflow recognition and advancement
• Test approvals in workflow
• Configure workflow schedules and documentation tabs
• Create new activities (with custom inputs and outputs) under the workflow engine
• Integrate vRealize Automation with ServiceNow
(though API and custom plug-ins) to generate service tickets or update the CM DB

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Erick Bacallao joined Champion Solutions Group in 2015 after a career of Software Development in Cuba at the National Cancer Care Institute of Cuba, followed by moving to the States with allAware.


Champion acquired allAware and its properties and Erick has utilized his extensive background and expertise in IT and Software Development to rise to VP of Product Development in less than 5 years. During this time, Erick has been involved with key projects that led to the launch of numerous products including CSP Boss, Inscape platform and 365 Productivity Insights.


Erick has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Havana. He won Gold Medals for Programming from the Ministry of Education in Cuba, and he is certainly still a Gold Medalist for Champion!


As President and CEO, Chris is responsible for the development of key strategic alliances and solution portfolio. He leads Champion’s go-to market and execution strategies for integrated offerings in the cloud, in security, and in digital infrastructure, always focusing on improving the customer experience and driving transformative business outcomes.


He also aligns key partner initiatives with company strategy and oversees corporate marketing and messaging to gain mindshare with customers and partners. It’s his vision and innovativeness that have catapulted Champion up the ranks to become a $100M+ organization—and one of the most respected solution providers in the industry.


Over the past two decades, Chris has also focused on mergers and acquisitions, as well as innovative product development. He is the original founder and an active member on the Board of Managed Maintenance, Inc., a SAAS provider and consulting firm that utilizes their award-winning One-View Portal to help the IT Channel and its customers manage their IT Maintenance.


Chris is also the original founder and chief strategist behind one of the original storage cloud providers, Storage Access / BluePoint. During the course of a few short years, he had raised $20M and took that company public on the Toronto Stock Exchange. It has since been acquired by Pomeroy.


In 2012, Chris led the acquisition of MessageOps and continued the product development and worldwide launch of its premier SAAS, 365 Command. Built on Microsoft Azure, 365 Command is currently managing over 1 million seats of Microsoft’s Office 365. After achieving this phenomenal milestone, 365 Command and other MessageOps O365 utilities were sold to Kaseya.


Over the past 35 years, Chris as worked tirelessly to not only advance his own career, but those of his employees. In addition to leading a $100M organization, Chris can also be found sitting with sales teams, cold calling and coaching, and validating why Champion has been listed on Best Places to Work by both South Florida Business Journal and Computerworld.

Ultimately, the success garnered by Champion Solutions Group, its associated companies, and their employees is due in large part to the leadership of its President and CEO. Perhaps the most fitting award Chris has earned is South Florida Business Journal’s 2013 Ultimate CEO Award.