Champion’s Cloud-based Disaster Recovery Solutions

When the Worst Happens, We Have Your Back

It can come in a flash or a bang: Due to a storm or technology malfunction, all of your company’s most critical data is offline or even gone. It used to be that a disaster recovery solution was virtually out of reach for all but the largest companies in the world.But with the cloud, Champion’s disaster recovery experts are making it more affordable for companies of all sizes to have a viable backup and recovery solution. We work with our clients to establish the most critical elements of a disaster recovery plan, including point in time backups and point in time recovery.

Champion’s disaster recovery experts sit down with customers to determine what their unique needs are: what point in time do they need the recovery from, what their recovery objectives are, and what their budget can support. Our clients range from financial institutions to healthcare and insurance organizations, manufacturing, media, retail, utilities, and many others. We’ll make sure that you have the correct DR strategy to fit your business needs.

Champion Solutions Group Provides Detection and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Champion will assist your organization with an effective disaster recovery strategy by building the most appropriate DR solution for your unique requirements to reduce costs and speed recovery times. With the cloud, you can minimize recovery time and meet your DR SLA’s.

By leveraging our partnerships with leading-edge technologies providers and drawing upon Champion’s experience in cloud-based disaster recovery, DRaaS allows your IT administrators to access the necessary cloud resources in order to restore services in the event of a site failure, and to replicate your production servers for fast recovery times. For complete data protection, we adopted a “hybrid cloud storage” approach for online cloud backup and disaster recovery. Here’s some more about our disaster recovery services:

  • We provide customizable RPO/RTO solutions to meet business requirements
  • We support HIPAA- and PCI-governed environments
  • We utilize a local Backup Appliance for speed and the Appliance replicates its data offsite for safety
  • We offer a fast and easy-to-use offsite cloud platform so you can continue your business activity until a replacement is found; then failover right back to replacement hardware

The disaster recovery specialists at Champion Solutions Group work around the clock to ensure that you can stay operational, but don’t wait until a disaster occurs to get started.

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