Champion’s Cloud Storage Solutions

Cloud Storage Migration Made Easy

Champion Solutions Group helps our clients with affordable, flexible and scalable storage solutions that keep their teams productive and their costs under control. For example, a mid-sized client approached us with years of hard drives, zip disks and CDs—as well as multiple servers—looking for a consolidated solution. Our team took inventory of their current data, analyzed how it was being used and evaluated a range of different options: public, private and hybrid solutions.

By identifying what data the company hadn’t been using, we were able to quickly move old information to the cloud and concentrate the business’s IT resources for storing and accessing their most current and critical information (hot data). Champion won’t just help connect you with leading-edge technology, we’ll also develop a personalized and data-driven solution that helps you make the most of cloud storage within your company’s broader IT infrastructure.

Why Champion Is a Leader in Cloud Storage Solutions:

We evaluate your existing infrastructure and work with you to come up with exactly the right solution for your needs. Backed by over 35 years of experience, we’re familiar with all existing hardware, software and architecture.

We will proactively help you plan for every critical situation, such as disaster backup and recovery. Storing your data in the cloud protects your valuable information in the event of a natural disaster or human intervention.

  • Champion’s Cloud Storage readiness assessment provides you with a detailed analysis of your most frequently accessed data and your least frequently accessed stale data, and then helps identify what data should be kept on premise and what should be moved to the cloud. We also look at which data falls into regulatory compliance guidelines such as PCI and HIPAA.
  • Champion will make sure that you have sufficient headroom in your network environment to be able to handle archiving, data backup and snapshotting to the Cloud.
  • Champion will install and configure cloud connectivity and provide a comprehensive training program for your team, providing them with our insider knowledge of tips, tricks, best practices and administration guidelines.
  • Champion will migrate your data from your current storage architecture to the cloud.
  • Champion provides on-going lifecycle support.
  • Champion’s team has built strong relationships through the cloud and face-to-face with the leaders in cloud solutions:
    • Windows Azure – An open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters.
    • Veeam Cloud Backups – We developed Canopy, our backup solution (powered by Veeam), which provides a remote, secure, cloud-based storage destination for existing server infrastructures.
    • Seagate (EVault)
    • IBM Smart Cloud
  • Champion offers our customers solutions ranging from Dev-Test, security and infrastructure services to big data, media services, storage and many more.
  • Our Cloud Storage solutions provide a secure, scalable and easy to access cloud storage solution. We automatically provide high availability and DR.

At Champion we realize that our competitors can offer you similar products, but what our team has can’t be contained in floppy disc or even in the massive storage heart of the cloud. Our people migrated to us because they too have a passion for helping businesses achieve success. That’s always been our goal. The technology is the tool we use to help you get there.

Champion Solutions Group has over 35 years of expertise in delivering customized information technology solutions across all platforms for midsized to large organizations. Our people want to work with your people. For more information, visit or contact us at 800-771-7000 to learn how our proven methodology can help your organization increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risks.