Champion’s Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Services

Simplifying the Cloud Conundrum

Public, private or hybrid cloud? Champion’s extensive knowledge of Virtualization enables us help answer that question and determine which approach is right for you. One healthcare client that we worked with needed help understanding the full menu of options and developing a plan that worked with their unique data access needs. Their CTO and IT team wanted help deciding what mix of private, public and hybrid solutions provided fast access to clinical data, but also complied with complex HIPAA regulations and worked within the organization’s existing workflows.

Our team explained the different paths: cloud-based programs like Google Drive, Office 365, and Salesforce keep a business moving forward, but result in information being stored in the public cloud. Private clouds are run entirely inside a company’s data center. With a hybrid solution, some data is stored in an on-premise data center and other data is sent to the cloud. The healthcare client determined that a hybrid solution offered the flexibility, scalability and cost controls to meet their needs. Sensitive patient data that doctors and nurses needed to access quickly and that required the highest security was maintained on-premise; older information that they had to keep but rarely accessed was sent to the cloud.

Our cloud consulting experts understand the realities of choosing a model that builds on where you are now and leads to where you want your business to grow. Startups and small businesses may have the flexibility to jump straight to fully cloud-based solutions, saving money on hardware purchases and gaining agility in the process. Larger companies have legacy systems and more IT resources to work with, and may choose hybrid solutions that keep some essential information on site, while capturing the flexibility and cost savings of cloud solutions for others.

How Champion Can Help

At Champion we will help you and your enterprise critically assess the relevant questions needed to tailor the cloud to your specific needs.

  • Which of your business units have data security and time-sensitivity needs that might be best served by either a private cloud or a very low-latency public cloud?  If it’s the low-latency public cloud option, which service provider should you choose?
  • Which business units recycle data sufficiently (e.g., drafts of the same documents or spreadsheets) so the always-up-to-date deduplication technology of public cloud offerings will substantially decrease the enterprises’ overall storage demand?
  • When does it make sense for one department to deduplicate its data against only itself, and when is deduplication across departments a viable option?
  • Conversely would an on-premise deduplication solution meet your enterprise’s needs as part of a strictly private cloud, and, if so, when and how should it be updated?
  • Which business units have specific legal compliance obligations such that they may demand their own segregated cloud solution, what are the technical demands imposed by those obligations, and how can the enterprise assure compliance by meeting the technical demands without unnecessarily running up cost?
  • If your enterprise is geographically diverse (e.g. data centers in different cities, countries or continents), how do you establish a cloud architecture that provides optimal performance while still complying with all applicable data laws?
  • Once your cloud solution is adopted, how does your enterprise establish cloud storage data policies to assure that  all of your data is easily locatable on the appropriate cloud tier without sacrificing optimal security, latency, compliance and cost performance?
  • After the cloud solution and data policies are established, how do you keep abreast of new developments in the cloud storage space so that the enterprise always has an up-to-date cloud solution tailored to its ever-changing needs?
  • Perhaps most importantly, how does your enterprise set all this up and still stay on budget?

These are nontrivial questions and they often have non-obvious solutions.  Let Champion help you find efficient and useful answers.

Take the Journey with Champion to the Right Cloud for Your Needs

  • Champion helps your enterprise IT department migrate to the Cloud or re-evaluate your current structure and come up with the right mix of public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure for your company.
  • Champion does a complete analysis of your existing enterprise and mobile infrastructure, and recommend the right solutions for your business practices and security needs.

Which Cloud Is the Right One for You?

  • Public Cloud: If you are looking for the most attractive option in terms of cost benefits and scalability for shared resources, the public cloud may be the way to go. We can help point you toward managed public cloud services, or if you are determined to manage your own environment, we can help with that too.
  • Private Cloud: If more stringent control and security needs are driving your move to the cloud, Champion can assess your current infrastructure capabilities and help you leverage your assets as you move into the private cloud. We can weigh the benefits of hosting a private cloud on-premise or connect you with our partner hosting services.
  • Hybrid Cloud: Champion’s consultants have found that the hybrid cloud is the most viable option for many businesses. The scalability and flexibility of the hybrid cloud and its cost-effective mix-and-match potential is an attractive option for mid to large sized businesses. But knowing where to put the appropriate data is a question that always needs to be answered, and Champion can help you assess those requirements.

Champion Solutions Group partners with leaders in cloud technology, but our vision is to help you find the right path for your company. For us, it’s always exciting to help new or existing clients start out on just the right road to the cloud.

Champion Solutions Group has over 35 years of expertise in delivering customized information technology solutions across all platforms for midsized to large organizations. Our people want to work with your people. For more information, visit or contact us at 800-771-7000 to learn how our proven methodology can help your organization increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risks.