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Seamlessly integrating IT best practices into your pre- and post-acquisition strategy

Private Equity Services

Clear expectations. Clear insight. Clear results.

private equityOur services are clear. Champion Solutions Group delivers unparalleled IT consulting and research to private equity firms and their key portfolio companies using a proven, timed-tested methodology.

Whether you’re working on a merger, acquisition, divestiture, leveraged buy-out or other investment, our experienced team works closely with the leaders of the PE industry to provide a clear picture of a company’s technology posture. Technology is a critical component for any investment, and we assist our clients through all stages of a transaction, from IT research to post-acquisition services. Through extensive due diligence, we are able to deliver the best recommendations for a successful transaction. We pride ourselves in structuring the deliverables without using too much technology taxonomy, thereby making it much easier for our Private Equity clients to understand the content. At the end of the day, we help make the technology decisions clear.

Direct from our Private Equity Consulting Leader

private equity“What sets us apart is our 40 years of technology business experience. Working directly with mergers and acquisitions has given us a clear insight of best practices in integrating new businesses and new technologies seamlessly. We are passionate for your success!”
— Debbie Brenner, Practice Executive – M&A IT Due Diligence Consulting and Information Security & Privacy Officer

Paving the Road to Winning Investments through Technology

Champion focuses first on understanding the strategic needs of our PE firm clients and the current technology landscape to determine the capabilities needed to support their long-term goals. We help PE firms confidently address technology-related decisions and ensure that portco IT optimization and operating models are agile and effective, equipping them to realize lasting results.

Private Equity Services:

  • IT Research – Don’t make the mistake of overlooking technology in your deals. Technology-related synergies are just as critical as other functions of a transaction, such as accounting, legal and finance. Through extensive IT research, we can help you understand the current technology posture to plan and manage changes in your systems to accommodate changes in business structure.
    • Identify key IT risks, costs, and debt
    • Identify critical risks that could limit growth
    • Identify key budget, staff, operations, and process inefficiencies
    • Deliver clear remediation actions with timelines and costs
  • Technology & Security Due Diligence – Understanding IT maturity and its ability to support the investment is critical to success and long-term value creation. Also, we’re big believers in addressing security before you have a serious problem. We will ensure security is integrated into our due diligence.
    • Assessing ERP systems
    • Assessing how unique the technology may be and the respective barrier to entry
    • Determining whether the acquired technology can scale or be integrated with an existing portfolio
    • Identifying potential business improvement opportunities through IT or operational innovation
    • Identify a plan for combining systems and processes, and how it relates to other operations
    • Identify key resources to manage and execute
  • Exit Planning: Whether it is an initial public offering, a merger with a strategic acquirer, a sale to new private equity owners or a management-led leveraged buyout, Champion can devise the right technology strategy that is optimal for all parties.
  • Post-Acquisition IT Services: Leverage Champion’s expertise in delivering technology solutions and services that reduce costs, increase productivity, and mitigate risk. The services include:
    • IT Infrastructure & Data Center Services: Storage and Capacity Planning, Networking, Converged Infrastructure, Hyper- Converged Infrastructure
    • Cloud & Virtualization: Office 365 & Azure, Public / Private / Hybrid Cloud, Cloud Storage, Cloud-based Backup & DR, Cloud Consulting, Virtualization (server, storage, desktop and application)
    • Security: Security Awareness Training, Application & Endpoint Security, Patch Management, Anti-Virus and Malware Protection, SIEM, Next Generation Firewall, User Management & Access Control, Data Loss Prevention, Enterprise Rights Management
    • Data Management: ILM, Backup & DR, Data Capacity Planning and Management, Data Loss Prevention
    • IT Services: Managed Services, Systems and Software Integration & Management, Application Development, Maintenance &
      Support, Infrastructure & Network Design and Implementation, Next Generation Data Center Strategy &
      Consulting, Education & Training, Project Management
    • CIO/CISO-as-a-Service: Need an interim CIO or CISO? Champion is able to deliver CIO/CISO on-demand services, backed by our decades of industry knowledge and executive-level IT and security experience.  Along with performing acting CIO/CISO leadership responsibilities, we are also able to offer strategic roadmap development, project management and tactical planning services, team mentoring, executive education, and can also provide candidates for open positions and participate in the interview process to ensure the best fit for the organization.

Post-Acquisition IT Services Results

Clients that work with Champion desire to:

Change the economics of their data center

Adopt and leverage technology to increase productivity, improve collaboration, mitigate risks, and decrease costs

Be proactive / hyper-responsive to business units they serve

Evolve the way businesses work with each other and better serve their clients

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Conducting the IT due diligence is an important part of the merger and acquisition process. Let Champion Solutions Group be the eyes and ears of the technology, so you can focus on the other functions of the transaction. Contact us today or call 800-771-7000 to learn more.