Network Monitoring / Wire Data Security

Network monitoring like you’ve never experienced before

The ability to manage and secure “data on the wire” is critical to fully understanding how an organization’s resources are working together.  Environments have grown so complex and change so rapidly, that you need an environment that “auto discovers” as changes are made. This also has to work with the software and hardware you already have in place. Champion’s security expertise combined with ExtraHop technology, enables us to deliver leading-edge network monitoring and data wire security options for your business.

Wire Data Security Must-Haves:

  • Pervasive monitoring of all wire data passing over the network
  • Context to enable teams to see all user communications and patterns
  • Support a wide range of protocols
  • Open environment that allows for external data stores versus proprietary
  • Full stream reassembly and full context analysis for L2-L7
  • Dynamic adaption to an IT environment versus manual configuration
  • Scalability with deep analytics
  • Agentless implementation

Champion delivers:

  • Free 30-day trial of ExtraHop with a Proof of Concept
  • Certified Engineers and Architects
  • Proven track record for design and implementation services
  • Customizations and out-of-the-box best practices
  • Customized training for system admins
  • Health checks for existing implementations

Key Benefits:

Visibility into Complex IT Environments

  • Real-time insight to all applications that communicate over the network
  • Automatically discover all devices and applications communicating on the network, including their dependencies

Stream Analysis

  • Ability to analyze L2-L7 levels of network traffic with full stream reassembly and context analysis, including application and database metrics

Policy Compliance and Audit Support

  • Show the cipher key strength and expiration date for all SSL certificates used in the environment
  • Enable security teams to report on who has accessed which systems and data.

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP)

  • Create alerts when users are trying to access data or applications that they do not have privileges to or in a way that violates policy
  • Ability to show if users copy data to a USB drive or print in locked-down VDI environments (government agencies, legal firms, financial services firms, and healthcare
  • Hundreds of use cases and free bundles for specific security concerns such as Ransomware.

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