Stop Ransomware dead in its tracks (containment) & Quick Remediation Techniques with BullWall

Many companies have tools in place to prevent ransomware.  But what do companies have in place to stop ransomware once it gets by your prevention tools? BullWall is the last defense against Ransomware.

RC by BullWall is a 24×7 automated containment solution proven to stop ransomware outbreaks. In a scenario where a ransomware has already bypassed your existing security solutions, it is now effectively “whitelisted” to infiltrate your business, causing as much disruption as possible by encrypting as many of your files as it can in the shortest possible time. Ransomware is by far the most expensive and disruptive form of malware to hit organizations today.

Champion’s security team recently discussed this issue with BullWall. Watch the conversation below.

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