The Era of Modern Data Protection and Cyber Resiliency

Organizations all over the world are facing significant data protection & cyber security challenges.   Not only do you need to protect exponentially more data every year, but this data is constantly subject to cyber attacks.  In fact, the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report 2019, notes the likelihood of a cyber attack is the 5th most likely risk your company will face, and it would have the 7th greatest impact on your business.   The question is not IF you will be attacked, the question is WHEN and HOW OFTEN.

Champion Solutions Group was joined by IBM Storage CMO, Eric Herzog, to discuss how the era of Modern Data Protection and Cyber Resiliency is upon us.

Topics covered:

  • Keep data protected while getting the most use of that data for test, development, analytic and operations needs
  • IBM’s Storage set of solutions and cost-effective consumption model offering that helps avoid attacks and rapidly recover from a cyber incident, all while staying within budget
  • Why Tape is making a resurgence due to the immutable “air gap” that prevents hackers from gaining access to data.

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