The Importance of Assessing Your Active Directory Environment

By Tracy Wetherington

Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is one of the most utilized and under managed systems. While it serves as the foundation for authentication and security in almost any environment; over time it can become unorganized, cluttered and have outdated objects without you even knowing that they still existed in your Active Directory.

When talking about security and authentication; having an up to date, well-managed and efficient AD structure is more important today than it’s ever been. With security concerns mounting in the wake of ransomware attacks only adding to the complexity of cloud, AD can be your first line of defense when adopting a cloud strategy for your enterprise applications (ie. Multi-factor Authentication, threat assessments, data breaches, data access, etc.). An Active Directory (AD) Assessment by Champion will uncover the risk and health of your AD environment on premises, in the cloud or hybrid.

An Assessment addresses these key AD challenges:

Can I enable single sign-on with other cloud-based SaaS services?
Is my Active Directory ready for the cloud?
Do I need to deploy Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
Is Active Directory secure / are the right setting in place?
Is Active Directory configured properly?
Is it safe to deploy Active Directory in an Azure Virtual Machine?
How can I enable single sign-on with my existing Windows Service Active Directory domains and my resources in Azure?

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