There is gold in that there Storage System!

By Jack Bornhoft

Did you know that today you are spending a dollar and only getting 47 cents in return for it? Well, that’s the typical return on investment (ROI) for your enterprise storage infrastructure[i].

At Champion, we understand this economic dilemma very well. We’ve worked with thousands of clients all over the world to help them find easy ways to save money that can be used in other ways to drive increased revenue through improved customer satisfaction. Simply put—we find that many IT departments are spending too much on storage.

That might sound strange coming from a company that sells servers and storage, but we have empirical data that shows many clients are spending too much—especially when you consider the trend of flat or shrinking IT budgets. We studied world-class clients and their IT organizations and found that each one overspends to some degree. For example, most of these clients could save an average of 50% on planned new storage purchases[ii]. Imagine what you could do with those savings: invest in new equipment, transform your business with cloud services, maybe recruit new talent or target new market segments.

Not only can Champion identify where you are overspending, we can also help you change your business to prevent this from occurring in the future. We offer quick, easy, non-disruptive ways to reduce your storage spend.

How are we able to leverage our vast experiential expertise to help you save money and deliver better storage services? Consider the flagship enterprise storage solution—the IBM® DS8870. This ultra-high performance enterprise storage system exploits advanced IBM Smarter Storage™ features that can dramatically reduce the infrastructure costs supporting your mission-critical applications, while dramatically improving performance up to 4 times with the addition of as little as 10% flash storage capacity. And if you need an all-flash DS8870, we can help with that too.

DS8870 delivers a range of self-tuning features—such as intelligent caching algorithms, automated QoS management and advanced storage tiering that can even optimize data placement between itself and the enterprise servers attached to it. Intelligent features like these can reduce administration time by up to 47% while reducing complexity by as much as 30%. In short, the IBM DS8870 is a highly scalable, self-tuning enterprise-class storage system designed to support your critical enterprise workloads with the ultimate in performance, reliability and agility.

We believe storage should do things automatically. It should eliminate work, not create more of it. Storage is not about holding onto terabytes of data, it’s about the easy management of information. Studies show that customers leveraging information instead of wrestling with data are outperforming their competitors by 2.6 times[iii]. Many of our clients are finding new ways to drive increased revenue with the cost savings realized from implementing a Champion delivered IBM Storage solution.

Here’s something to imagine: cutting out cost, cutting out unnecessary work, improving performance and using this new found “gold”  to improve delivery of services to your customers.


[I] IBM CIO Study Findings, 2010-2012

[II] IBM CIO Study Findings, 2010-2012

[III] Analytics: The New Path to Value”, a joint study between MIT Sloan Management Review and IBM Institute of Business Value. Copyright © Massachusetts Institute of Technology 2010.


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