Uncovering Microsoft’s New Release of Windows Server 2012

By Erika Tracy
Champion Solutions Group
[email protected]
800-771-7000 x165

Microsoft Windows 2012 is now available. Here are the details on licensing changes and upgrade rights:

Two Main Versions: Enterprise will no longer be offered with 2012

  • Standard
  • DataCenter

Processor Based Licensing: DataCenter edition was already per processor based licensing. Now Standard will join it. Each license of DataCenter or Standard will cover 2 physical processors. So for example, if you have a server with 2 physical processors, and you want to cover that server with Windows Server Standard or DataCenter, you will now only need 1 license to cover both processors.

Existing Software Assurance Customers: Click here to see what you’re entitled to with the new release

How many virtual instances will I get now with each edition?
Click here to find out how to license virtual instances

For more information on this and all of Microsof’t’s new releases, register for our upcoming webinar, “Uncovering Microsoft’s New Releases: Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Systems Center, Hyper-V.”

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