VMworld 2016 Recap – 3 main themes


By Kevin Vogl

I was one of 23,000+ attendees at VMworld last week in Las Vegas, NV. This is my 12th time attending and it was as hectic as usual, and had fewer announcements of new products than in past years. However, VMware focused on three major themes throughout the event that will enhance existing VMware environments to either simplify, expand or optimize without complicating management or deployment.

1. Cloud – It started off in the keynote with the announcement of IBM and VMware partnering for cloud infrastructure. IBM has made large investments including SoftLayer, cloudMatrix and other products to enhance their cloud environment to support VMware. What this means to VMware customers is a much simpler, more robust environment that can expand their VMware footprint without having to purchase additional hardware, storage or VMware licenses. The interface and configuration is much less complex than earlier versions of vCloud Air.

2. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure – Walking throughout the expo, there were more companies talking “hyper-converged” than ever before. Large companies like Cisco and HP have really upped their game when it comes to hyper-converged. But there were tons of smaller companies like Nutanix and Simplivity (and others) that will make deployment of a robust and resilient VMware environment much easier for new comers as well as seasoned veterans. This technology takes advantage of software-defined networking, storage and other technologies to help companies become more secure and easier to expand without having to be an expert in either networking, security or storage.

3. Software-Defined – Last but definitely not least is Software-Defined ANYTHING! The things most talked about were networking and storage. Obviously VMware has some great offerings in this area with NSX and vSAN, but they are by no means the only game in town. Cisco talked a lot about their ACI, which is their software-defined networking solutions and companies like IBM, EMC, and many others were talking about their software-defined networking solutions. Walking through the expo, I couldn’t help but notice how many storage solutions are available for VMware environment, both physical and virtual. At least 40% of all of the vendors there had something to do with storage. Flash has been the hot topic in virtualized environments over the last 18 months and has been able to solve a lot of performance problems for customers moving tier-1 applications into virtualization. Software-defined storage is the next up and coming technology that will help customers not only lower their cost of computing but give them the flexibility of moving workloads between onsite and cloud environments.

If you’re not looking into these three areas for your existing or new virtualization environment, whether it be VMware, Hyper V or any other hypervisor, you’re missing the new technology wave that can help you maximize your virtualized environment. Now is a great time to reassess your virtual environment. Find out where you need enhancement and which new technologies would be most beneficial to your existing virtualized environment. A virtualized optimization assessment would be a great way to get started and find out where you are today and where you can go tomorrow. Call 800-771-7000 for more information or request an assessment here: https://www.championsg.com/partner.php?seo_name=vmware.


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