What’s New In BigFix 10

There are a plethora of new features in BigFix version 10, including updates to existing ones and fixes. Below are the main highlights.


    1. Agentless control of Cloud environment (API’s)
    2. Ability to deploy agent into cloud easily / dynamically
    3. Seamlessly manage all devices, on or off premise and in any cloud environment.

2. BigFix Insights (Business Intelligence)

    1. Visualize risk and cost of decisions based on multiple data inputs
      1. BigFix
      2. Vulnerability Scanners (Rapid 7, Tenable, Qualys)
      3. 3d party data feeds

3. Modern Client Management

    1. Windows 10 and Mac OSX
    2. Managed via MDM policies

4. Rich new Reporting and WebUI

    1. Enhanced reporting features beyond basic web reports
    2. Inline reporting to the WebUI console

Enable all the BigFix versions features and provide updates to your ServiceNow CMDB with this enhanced data with Champions ebridge for BigFix, allowing your to maximize Your BigFix investment with ServiceNow. Champions ebidge bi-directional connect makes the following possible:

  1. UPDATES to the CMDB with real time data from BigFix
  2. Summarizes asset data into top level reports
  3. Provide Level 1 or helpdesk staff with Level 2 &3 capabilities from service Now to remediate issues
  4. End User Self help in Service Now to deploy software or tasks directly from BigFix.

Video on patching support for at-home workers



Here are some examples of where BigFix can help:

  • Maintain business continuity and security with remote workers, by keeping their PCs continuously patched and compliant, with or without VPN.
  • Expedite Work-From-Home programs with reduced infrastructure, complexity, and administrative costs while increasing productivity.  See our new technical webinar on this critical topic.  As well as our upcoming prospecting webinar.
  • Accelerate adoption of modern devices like Windows 10 and MacOS with simpler provisioning and policy management.  See our new Modern Client Management Datasheet for more information.
  • Quickly provide executives with advanced analytics across all endpoints and operating systems, for faster and more effective decision making.  Review our new BigFix Insights Datasheet.
  • Reduce OPEX by consolidating tools to manage on-prem and cloud endpoints.
  • Defer costly replacements of aging operating systems, including Win 7, Win Server 2008, HP/UX, AIX, Solaris, etc.

Here are some handy BigFix links:

Dan Powers will be back in April for a continuation of the Launch Into Spring BigFix Webinar.
Please watch out for the new dates to be announced.

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