Why You Still Need Endpoint Malware Protection

Without sufficient endpoint malware protection your organization could be left exposed in the event of a cyber attack.

Your organization may be doing its best to protect itself against cyber threats, but the reality is that most companies are falling short. Sure, most organizations are using standard antivirus protection on all their machines, but today that is often not enough. While antivirus programs are beneficial, and necessary, they can’t offer the endpoint protection necessary to stop malware and other types of cyber attacks.

Importance of Endpoint Malware Protection

Barkly recently conducted a study of organizations and found that over the past 12 months, malware was detected in 47% of organizations, executed at 37%, caused damage at 25%, and caused irreversible or catastrophic damage at 14%.

These grim numbers show that malware is still alive and flourishing among organizations around the world. Endpoint malware protection solutions such as IBM BigFix take the fight against these cyber threats to the next level by not only defending against malware and other cyber threats, but responding and mitigating any damage in the event that some type of threat is found.

Detection is only half the battle in the quest to protect your organization

Detecting a malware infection is beneficial, but often not nearly enough. Once a piece of malware infiltrates your corporate network, it can quickly propagate to other machines and cause problems almost immediately. Many times, it can go undetected for quite some time, which can only multiply the issues when it is found.

Detecting malware needs to go a step further and bridge the gap found with so many endpoint tools between threat detection and remediation.

Detect, react, and remediate with IBM BigFix

IBM BigFix allows organizations to have heightened real time visibility into the ever-changing endpoint landscape that is prevalent in most any organization. Gone are the days where organizations only had to worry about PCs and servers that were located on company property. Today, organizations must keep watch over smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all types of other devices that may leave company grounds on a daily basis.

These devices that come and go onto the corporate network can become extremely vulnerable to endpoint attacks. While having the freedom and flexibility to work anywhere in the world is beneficial, it can also bring about certain unique challenges when it comes to endpoint security.

How does IBM BigFix work?

With BigFix, organizations start out by having additional visibility into all their endpoints, wherever or however they may be connected to a corporate network. Next, using advanced behavior analytics, BigFix can detect hard-to-spot attacks and allow your security team to better manage your endpoints going forward.

Once a threat has been found, BigFix allows you to immediately control the outbreak and roll out companywide remediation packages in a matter of minutes across a wide array of systems.

Is your organization adequately protected against malware threats?

If you’re unsure of whether your organization has adequate endpoint malware protection, reach out to the expert security team at Champion Solutions Group today. Call us at 800-771-7000 or use our online contact form.


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